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We are a group of entrepreneurs – alumni of top B-schools and from diverse backgrounds – and are currently focused on enhancing the employability for candidates looking to make a mark at their first jobs after graduation. Each of us has post-MBA work experience of about ten years across various sectors – management consulting, retail banking, FMCG, analytics and entrepreneurship.

Step 1: Establishing counselor – Student/Parent relationship

Here we ensure that there is clarity at both ends – both at the counselor’s end as well as at the Student/Parent’s end – on what the expected outcomes of the outlined approach would be. We also clearly spell out responsibilities at both ends – which include honesty, introspection, lack of inhibitions/restrictions and complete freedom of choice.

Step 2: Gathering information and determining goals with the student/parent

After detailed discussions and with the aid of information about the student’s personality, aptitude and interests, we help the tudent/parents to decide on career goals. The relevant information is collected and shared with the student and the parent.

Step 3: Developing and presenting recommendations on the possible means of achieving the identified Career goals

Our counselors are experts in various fields/sectors and are well-updated with recent industry trends. Given the student background, aptitude, strengths & interests, and basis the industry trends, our counselor will suggest different means of achieving the identified career goals. The counselor will also give his/her opinion on the best means of doing so.

Step 4: Monitoring Progress

For the successful implementation of any plan, its progress needs to be tracked at regular intervals. Depending on the cooperation from the student/parent, we will also track the students’ progress at regular intervals, suggest minor course correction and get involved by way of personal intervention in case of deviation from the devised plan.