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Experience our best-in-class services to aid your MBA aspirations!

Are you confused about when to start your preparation for an MBA? Or are you debating whether the CAT or the GMAT is a better route for you? Or maybe you just need help with Quant or Verbal, and need someone who will spend time one-on-one with you.

Our experienced mentors, with top-notch credentials can help you with all of the above, and more! Our well-researched content, structured study plan, unlimited doubt sessions, regular performance analysis, and most of all our personal involvement will surely help you reach for the stars!

Gurgaon Center
Batch 1 – 6th August – Sat – 10 to 12, Sun 4 to 6 – Admission open till 20th August
Batch 2 – 27th August- Time to be finalized

North Campus centre
Batch 1 - 23rd August – Tuesday – 4 to 6 p.m; Thursday – 4 to 6 p.m