5 Things Every MBA Aspirant Should Keep In Mind

Eptitude Admin - 4 years ago
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It is completely natural to still spend a lot of time towards MBA preparation. Since an MBA can offer a lot of opportunities and money there will be many who’ll still prefer to become a MBA graduate. But, most students have hardly any idea why they are doing this, and more importantly what they must do to make this particular investment (of money & time) fruitful. Here are a few things every MBA aspirant should keep in mind.

Why Do You Want To Do An MBA?

A person will have many reasons behind choosing a particular course. You may want to get placed in a huge company. You may prefer becoming an entrepreneur. You would like to fetch a high salary when compared to the non MBA graduates. You may like to have excellent networking opportunities with successful alumni. Whatever maybe the reason you should have a clear focus. Know your reason well and start taking small steps towards achieving this goal – internships, project work and volunteering activities will showcase your passion and dedication to the admission / interview panel.

How Will You Recover The Investment?

It is also important to concentrate on the return of investment. When you choose or get a seat in the top B-schools you may end up spending more money. But when you get placed in top MNCs you will gain back the money you spent in a few years. Most top Indian B-schools have starting salaries that are more or less equal to the cost of doing an MBA, and this is equally true for MIM and M.Sc. Management programs in Europe (less investment than a normal MBA).

Financial Aid

There are many colleges that provide a variety of financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, internships, waivers, etc. It is always advisable to know about the fee structure and eligibility / applicable conditions to avail of financial aid that the college offers.

Be Ready For Tough Deadlines

MBA means so much learning and so much of hard work goes into the preparation that irrespective of the college you join you should be prepared to dedicate yourself. You should be ready for sleepless nights, multiple simultaneous deadlines, a few failures and stressful times.

Devolving Resume

Joining a B-School and preparing for the exams therein is just the first step in your career. There's an entire trilogy within that - summer internships leading to Pre-placement offers and finally the dream job during placement week ultimately leading to job satisfaction. For each of these, you will need a stellar Curriculum Vitae (CV) in order to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

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