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2 out of 4 students scored over 90 percentile

Over 80% students selected in Jindal Global Law School

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Why do students see such high success rate with Abhishek Sir

Clarity of concepts – Abhishek sir places a lot of emphasis on getting the concepts right. He famously believes in “if you can make a question yourself you have got the concept”.

Practice till one becomes perfect – LSAT is all about acquiring and developing certain skills that will help an aspirant become a good lawyer. The exam is highly structured to evaluate these skills. With Abhishek sir you will know what exactly are these skills and “how” and “what” to practice to develop these skills

Mock Tests and Analysis - If you cannot measure a thing you cannot manage it. With Abhishek sir you will not only write sufficient number of mock tests but will also analyze them to understand your strengths and weaknesses. A customized plan is then designed to improve an aspirant’s score

Personalized attention - Batch sizes are small and Abhishek sir makes sure that every student is given due attention to excel in the exam.

Limited Seats Only!

Meet your


Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand
SRCC, IIM Bangalore
LSAT India- Expert Mentor

Trained over 1000 students for exams like LSAT, CAT, GMAT and so forth.

2018 Top 3 Scores - 99.77, 99.75, 99.33

2019 Top 3 Scores - 99.98, 99.14, 99

2020 Top 3 Scores - 99.36, 99.36, 98.96

2021 Top 3 Scores - 99.5, 99, 98

2022 Top 3 Scores - 99.73, 99, 98

2023 Top 3 Scores - 99, 98, 98

2 out of 4 scored over 90 percentile

Over 80% selected for JGLS





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