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With ever increasing globalisation, opening up of markets and the abundance of information and opportunities, studying abroad has become a very attractive option. Besides, India and the Asia-Pacific region is assuming greater significance from a geopolitical and economic perspective, and what better way to capitalize on the same than to study abroad in a multi-cultural environment in order to broaden one’s perspective?

Why study abroad?

Why Eptitude?

  1. With a reputation of having a student-centric approach and having experienced mentors that the student community has trusted in the past decade, Eptitude has a precise understanding of student and parent mindsets.
  2. Diverse team with rich academic and professional experiences. Our mentors have pursued science, engineering, commerce, media etc and have equally diverse work profiles which makes them ideally suited to consider career options in such diverse disciplines (Click here to explore the profiles of our expert panel).
  3. Research Orientation. We make sense of the abundant information available from multiple sources (online, student forums, communities and primary sources) and ensure that students make the right choices for success in future careers.
  4. Process and outcomes driven approach. We believe in enabling a student to study in the best possible environment that fosters learning in a safe and conducive environment. We shall not settle for anything but the best.
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