Why Us

At Eptitude, we believe in imparting relevant education and developing skill sets amongst students that will help them clear these aptitude tests. All our instructors are experts in their respective subjects.

Following are the guiding principles for us:-

Research based exhaustive content

Our content team has developed the course curriculum after analysing past year papers. We prepare our students for all the possible challenges that they can encounter in the exam. The study material and practice exercises are so exhaustive that no paper can be a surprise for our students!

Mentors not Teachers

All our instructors consider themselves as student mentors and they strive hard to be accepted as the same by students. Our instructors are from premier institutes of India and have worked with companies that are dream organizations for the majority of people. Though they deserve respect because of their unmatched credentials, they don’t take their acceptance by students for granted. They have their well-defined class plans and despite their teaching experience they always come prepared for each class. As a mentor, they create an environment where students feel free to ask questions. No two students are same and, therefore, our instructors pay personal attention to all our students. Once a student accepts an instructor as a mentor he/she becomes ‘coachable’ which is critical in getting the desired result from the students.

Focus on Skill Development

An aptitude test is an entirely different ball game. Small things can make a huge difference in the overall performance – things like which section to attempt first, what kind of questions are to be attempted & what kind are to be left alone and working to improve reading speed are small things but go a long way in helping to clear the aptitude tests. At Eptitude it is the task of the mentors to help develop/hone the identified skill sets amongst students.


“Anything that cannot be measured cannot be managed”- We believe in this philosophy too and, therefore, provide tools to measure the performance of all our students. We do this by giving students ‘more than sufficient’ number of practice tests. Our aim here is to make these tests as close as possible to the real tests so that a student gets a fair idea of his/her preparedness for the respective exams.


What is a good Test to Analysis ratio in terms of the time spent? A minimum ratio of 1:2 needs to be followed here, i.e. if a student takes a one hour test he needs to spend at least two hours analyzing it. We not only analyze the student’s performance but also empower students to analyze their own performance. This helps them in setting their own plans for the all tests. We also keep parents in the loop by conducting parents-mentors meeting at regular intervals.

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