Xylem – Business Proficiency Enhancer module is an offering from the team of Eptitude that aims at making the undergraduate students employable and better trained to face the practical challenges of the business world.
One of the key challenges most students face in their first jobs right after graduation, is acquiring the requisite job skills. During the transition from a student to a working professional, even students from premier institutes need time to gain sector/industry understanding and adjust to the corporate work environment.

Our module, the Business Proficiency Enhancer, is designed to address these gaps and equip students with all the requisite skills needed to effectively assume the role of a business analyst with ease. The module encompasses the following:

The module is structured to enhance practical understanding as each session is supplemented with an exercise that simulates real-world business scenarios. In order to further boost efficacy, the module has been calibrated with timely assessments and individual feedback; and provides ample scope and assistance for continuous improvement.

Brief Overview of Xylem- Business Proficiency Enhancer (Full Module)

Business Basics Business Communication Analytics & Modeling
Business Functions Interview Preparation & Resume Building Basic Excel Training
Industry Analysis & Firm Differentiation Business Communication Basic Power-point Training
Financial Analysis & Projections Negotiations Advanced Modeling & Excel tools
Strategic Decision Making Assessment-2 Industry Overview-1
Case Illustration-1

Industry Overview-2

Case Discussion


Brief Overview of Xylem- Business Proficiency Enhancer (Trial Abridged Module)

Business Basics & Analytics Business Communication
Business Functions Interview Preparation & Resume Building
Basic Excel Training Business Communication

Teaching Methodology:

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